20220102-The Blesser
      20220116-He's Gonna Do It Again
      20220206-What Am I Lacking (Treasure in Heaven)
      20220213-That Our Eyes May Be Opened
      20220220-A New Way;A Greater Than
      20220220-Those Who Desire, Follow Me
      20220227-His Peace
      20220313-Fully Invested in Living Prepared
      20220320-How To Live In Times of Uncertainty
      20220327-Our Father's Word - The Strength of Our Identity
      20220410-Behold Your King is Coming
      20220417-Go and Tell My Brethren
      20220424-Freedom Through Forgiveness
      20220501-The Beginning of the Gospel
      20220508-The Mother of All Living
      20220605-The Law vs The Spirit
      20220619-Abraham, Father of Faith
      20220626-Just As If I'd Never Sinned
      20220703-Reconciled - God's Love
      20220710-Grace Reigns
      20220717-Buried With Him,Raised With Him (Under Grace)
      20220724-In Newness of Life
      20220731-Spirit of Grace-Newness of Life
      20220807-But, Who Does Jesus Say He Is
      20220814-By God-Healed,Sanctified,Transformed
      20220821-Life and Peace
      20220828-Life In The Spirit
      20220904-Grace And Glory
      20220911-Who Says You're Special
      20220925-Saved Or, Not
      20221002-Beautiful Feet
      20221009-Mercy On All
      20221016-Living Sacrifice
      20221023-Gifts-Let Us Use Them
      20221030-Living Sacrifice or Unprofitable Servants
      20221106-Baptism;Picture Of The Gospel
      20221113-Conforming To His Image
      20221218-The Continuity Of The Sovereign Grace Of God
      20230101-The Reward of Loving Jesus, Now
      20230108-Multiply God's Blessing-Rewards in Heaven
      20230115-Living Out Your Faith
      20230122-How To Fulfill The Law-Loving Your Neighbor
      20230129-What Time Is It
      20230212-How We Live Out The Kingdom of God, Together
      20230226-Righteousness and Peace and Joy
      20230312-Journey-From Here To Eternity
      20230319-Grace - Empowerment Through God
      20230326-House of Mercy
      20230402-The Triumphant Entry
      20230409-I Am The Resurrection
      20230416-Honest Doubt To Consumate Confession
      20230423-Sharing God
      20230430-The Process of Faith
      20230507-God-The Light of Love
      20230514-A Mother's Heart of Faith
      20230604-Love The Father
      20230618-Papa'a Love
      20230625-Christ Wins
      20230702-Trend of His Kingdom
      20230709-Child of God or Child of Satan
      20230716-For I Know Whom I Have Believed
      20230723-Because He First Loved Us
      20230806-Undeniable Family Likeness
      20230813-Abiding Love
      20230820-Liberation-The Purpose of God's Love
      20230827-Liars Lovers and Overcomers
      20230903-The Testimony of God
      20230917-Talking To Your Father
      20230924-We Know
      20231015-Faith And Life in Conflict
      20231029-Blockages to Freedom and Transformations
      20231105-Eternal Life?
      20231112-Jesus-The Father and Us
      20231119-The Will of God
      20240107-Lean Into God
      20240114-God's Truth Through Faith
      20240128-When God Calls, Be On Time
      20240204-While He Is Near
      20240211-The Word of God
      20240218-With Joy, With Peace
      20240225-The Mystery
      20240303-Celebration of Faith
      20240310-The Lord's Prayer -Part1
      20240324-Choice At Calvary
      20240331-Alive Then,Now,Forever
      20240407-Blown Away
      20240414-The Throne of Grace in the House of God
      20240421-Who is That God
      20240428-God Of Hope
      20240505-God Encounters
      20240526-The Voice
      20240602-Wheat or Chaff?
      20240609-I Am Well Pleased
      20240630-Glorified By All